Ambarawa            Banjoebiroe 12        Central-Java


                                                                                                                                                                            May 10, 2011




       Legend & Translation Guide


B. Annex (belakang)

Gardoehuisje = Guardhouse

G. Kitchen

Openbare weg = Public road

J. Japanese quarters

Poort = Entrance

M. “Dry” bathrooms with two latrines

Wacht = Guard booth

N. Dutch camp leader’s quarters

* Water source

T. Covered terraces

Ọ Trees

W. Officers’ housing units / 10 duplexes

----- Selokan (drainage ditch)

X. Walls removed during Bersiap period

**** Sewer pipe under bridge & road

Z. Infirmary

++++ Gedek (woven bamboo fencing)


▬▬▬ Covered walkways




Source: H. J. Legemaate



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