Ambarawa              Ambarawa 6          Central-Java


                                                                                                                                                                                    May 2, 2011





       Legend & Translation Guide


B. Well

De grote weg = The main road

D. Doctor

De korte weg = The shortcut

E. Electric power supply

Dja = Djokjakarta

L. Mortuary

Graven = Graves

P. Outpatient clinic

Keukens = Kitchens

T. Watch towers

Lido” of “Het Weitje” = “Lido” or “The Meadow”

V. Medical personnel

Mgl = Magelang

W. Water (bathing, laundry)

Poort = Entrance

X. Storage areas (open, covered)

Ryst / melk = Rice / milk

Z. Infirmary

Wacht = Guard station

ZZ. Critical care infirmary

WC = Toilets (water closet)




Source: W. J. Krijgsveld



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